Cataract surgery costs in Singapore: An eye centre reveals all

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cataract surgeryAccording to the Singapore Doctor’s Directory, the average cost of a cataract surgery in 11 hospitals ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. What accounts for the difference in cataract surgery cost? Why are some cataract surgery in Singapore so much more affordable? And most importantly, how do you know which eye centre provides reliable cataract surgery in Singapore?

Fret not, in this article you will have a first glance at the cost of cataract surgery in Singapore.

How much does cataract surgery cost in Singapore?

Eye centres and hospitals in Singapore offer different prices when it comes to cataract surgery. The table below shows estimated fees related to cataract surgery:



Cataract assessment

$131 to $300

Cataract surgery (1 eye)

$5,000 to $10,000

Post-op medication

$100 to $300

Post-op review

$100 to $200

Many eye centres will be able to give you an estimate of the cost of cataract surgery, depending on your eye condition, lifestyle needs and budget.

You should also find out if pre- and post-operative eye tests are included in the surgery package – which brings me on to my next point.

What accounts for the difference in cataract surgery cost?

The difference in cost boils down to the following:

  • Cataract assessment
  • Types of cataracts – Our eye doctor performs diagnosis and management of simple and complex cataracts that include:
    • cataract and lens implantation surgery
    • secondary cataracts
    • traumatic cataracts
    • congenital cataracts
    • endocapsular rings
    • secondary lens implantation
    • subluxated implants
    • aniridia

The procedure usually takes about 15 to 30 minutes per eye and will be done by an experienced surgeon.

  • Post-operative reviews and medication 
    • You are required to return for post-operative reviews to ensure a smooth recovery. The frequency of reviews varies patients to patients.
    • Most patients will need to rest for about 5-7 days so make sure to plan it ahead of time.

Why are some cataract surgery in Singapore much more affordable than others?

The cost of the procedure is dependent on factors including seniority of the eye surgeon who will operate on you. Your prior medical complications and history will also be considered. Some eye centres may offer a much more affordable price which is almost too good to be true.

This is commonly known as the bait and switch.

If something is too good to be true, it usually is. Patients are lured to come in for an assessment for treatment at bargain prices – only to be given the sad truth that they are ineligible for this price since they have a different, more severe case.

How to choose your cataract surgeon?

When it comes to any eye conditions including cataract, you should only approach credible and reputable eye doctors in Singapore. Since cataract surgery is one of the more common surgeries performed in Singapore, there are a lot of surgeons who can perform this procedure. One of the easiest ways is to get reviews on them – through forums, Facebook pages, Google reviews and recommendation from friends and family.

Can you use insurance or medisave to pay for cataract surgery?

Fortunately, you can claim for your cataract surgery with Medisave. The maximum amount claimable is up to $2,450 per eye. You can claim from either your own, spouse’s, or children’s Medisave account. Most insurance policies do provide coverage for cataract surgery. The amount claimable will depend on the coverage of the policy.

Are there any subsidies or discounts for cataract surgery in Singapore?

Unfortunately, the Ministry of Health does not allow eye centres to give “discounts” on any medical procedures.