Are you suitable for contact lens?

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Why do people prefer contact lens?

Contact lenses are more convenient than eyeglasses as they are light and do not get in the way. People with high degrees of myopia might tend to get headaches due to the heavy eyeglasses exerting constant pressure on their nose and behind their ears. They would find that it is more comfortable to wear lenses as there are lesser image size differences and distortions.


Are there disadvantages to contact lens?

With the advantages that contact lenses bring, there are also several disadvantages.

  1. Contact lenses require a strict lens care regimen and a high level of hygiene to avoid potentially serious eye infections. Daily disposables can be recommended for those who want to do away with cumbersome lens care regimens

2. With prolonged use of contact lenses, dry eyes may occur. Oxygen deprivation happens as lesser oxygen enters the eyes. Users may also experience symptoms such as blurring of vision, light sensitivity and eye pain with prolonged lens wear. This is commonly known as contact lens over-wear.

eye infection

Are you suitable for contact lens?

A thorough examination of the eye health should be carried out. Several measurements such as cornea curvature, spectacle prescription and an evaluation of the tear film would be taken into consideration before determining if you are suitable for contact lenses.

There are several conditions that do not work well on those with the following conditions:

  • Frequent eye infections
  • Severe allergies
  • Dry eyes
  • Work environment that is dusty, dry or dirty
  • Inability to handle and care for the lenses properly



Whether contact lenses are a good choice depends on individual needs and expectations. You needs to be motivated to adhere with careful and strict handling of the contact lenses to ensure a smooth transition from spectacle to lens wear.

However, if you’re uncomfortable with contact lens, you can consider getting laser vision correction (ReLEx®SMILE / LASIK / PRK /Epi-LASIK) done.


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