After a ReLEx SMILE surgery: Post-op care

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Fast recovery is one of the advantages of ReLEx SMILE surgery. Most patients are able to regain 75% of their vision the very next day. However, every eye does heal differently, and recovery can vary. Some patients return to work/school the next day. The advice is to take things easy the first 3 days.

Here are a few things to remember for a safe and speedy recovery after undergoing ReLEx SMILE surgery:

Wear sunglasses after the surgery

When outdoors, make sunglasses your staple accessory for at least 1 week. It is important to cover your eyes from excessive exposure from the sun. This will help to reduce discomfort and help with the healing process.

Do not wear cosmetic contact lenses for at least a month

Wait for a month or get clearance from the eye doctor before wearing your cosmetic contact lenses.

Avoid heavy reading

Avoid reading heavily. If you want to read, avoid intense reading as it may stress out your eyes.  If you can, stay away from any reading for at least 24 hours.

Avoid excessive use of gadgets

It is recommended to abstain from using gadgets including mobile phone, computer or even television until your eye doctor examines you after the procedure.

Do not drive or operate heavy machinery

For 24 hours after the operation, light sensitivity may occur which is why it is advised to avoid driving and operating any heavy appliances.

Avoid getting smoke or dust in your eyes

Stay away from dusty and smoky places for at least a week. Wear eye protection if you know you might be exposed to any chemical or poor-quality air.

Avoid traveling for at least a week

Not because you cannot take the aeroplane or the air pressure poses an issue, but because you need to attend post-op reviews: 1 day and 1 week.

Stay away from eye makeup for at least a week

Avoid any chemical from getting into your eye including eye makeup and treatments from beauty salons for at least 1 weeks or until your eye doctor gives you the go-ahead.

Avoid getting tap water into your eyes

For the first week, wash your face carefully to avoid getting your eyes wet with tap water. Do not go swimming for 1 month. Stay away from hot tubs, hot yoga, jacuzzi and sauna.

Washing your hair the first week

Tilt your head backwards when washing your hair to avoid getting the water in your eyes. Pat around your eyes to dry off.

Do not rub your eyes

Use eye shield or protective goggles provided when sleeping the first week to avoid unconscious rubbing.

Use your judgment when exercising and doing any physical activities

It is advised to use a headband to avoid your hair and sweat from getting into the eyes. Abstain from playing contact sports for the first month.

Strictly follow medication instructions given by the doctor

It is very important to heed your eye doctor’s instructions. Comply to your doctor’s orders for a complete fast recovery.

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