Your pre-LASIK evaluation process at Atlas Eye Specialist Centre

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The decision to have laser vision correction is not a small one, yet it can be life- changing for many people who rely heavily on glasses and contact lenses.

You have now taken the first step towards independence from spectacles and contact lenses and will go through a pre-laser evaluation.

Prior to the evaluation, if you use soft contact lenses, please stop using them 3 days before the evaluation. And if you use hard contact lenses, please stop using them 14 days before the evaluation. This allows the cornea to assume its natural shape to ensure accurate measurements of the eyes are taken.

On the day of evaluation, our team of optometrists will run you through a whole series of eye examinations. We will measure the corneal thickness and shape to assess the likelihood of corneal stability after the surgery. We will also do an eye pressure test to measure the fluid pressure inside the eye. Our optometrist will perform a manifest refraction, which is an eye prescription test to ascertain if the vision has been stable the past 12 months. A dry eye test will be carried out. Blotting strips of paper are placed under the lower eyelids. After 5 minutes, we measure the amount of the strip soaked by your tears. Eyedrops will then be instilled to dilate the pupils for examination by the eye surgeon. Our counsellor will go through an informational session with you to assess the risks and benefits of the surgery.

During consultation with the eye surgeon, he will examine all parts of the eye including the retina and optic nerve. Together with him, you will determine the type of laser vision correction procedure you are suitable for.

On the day of surgery, we will go through with you the surgery process and medication instructions. A skin prep will be carried out to prepare your eyes for the surgery. You will be brought to the operating theatre and asked to lie on the surgical bed. We will need you to look straight and follow the eye surgeon’s instruction as our team guides you through every single step of the surgery process.

We truly look forward to seeing you at Atlas Eye Specialist Centre.