Top 6 frequently asked questions about LASIK

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Q1. What is LASIK surgery?

LASIK_blog_picLASIK surgery is a quick and simple procedure, which is done by an eye surgeon to reshape the cornea and improve vision. The goal of this surgery is to improve the way the eyes focus light rays onto the retina.

Q2. How long does the LASIK procedure take?

LASIK is a 30 minute out-patient procedure. There is no need for the patient to be hopsitalised. Patient can return home 30 minutes after the procedure.

Q3. Does LASIK surgery hurt?

Majority of patients report little to no discomfort during and after surgery. You will not feel pain during the procedure as the surgeon will instill anaesthetic eyedrops before the surgery. During the reshaping of the cornea with laser, you will not feel any sensation. You can be prescribed with pain medication should you feel any discomfort after the surgery.

Q4. How do I know if I’m qualified to undergo LASIK?

Not all patients are suitable to undergo LASIK surgery. Your eyecare specialist will help determine whether you are suitable.  Here are a few general guidelines:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You are not pregnant or nursing. Hormonal levels can affect the shape of your eyes during pregnancy or nursing.
  • You have stable vision and eyeglass prescription for 12 months prior to surgery.
  • The front and back part of your eye are healthy.
  • Your cornea should have sufficient thickness.
  • You do not have eye conditions such as infections, ocular herpes, eye inflammation or severe dry eye. These conditions could affect post-operative healing of your eyes.
  • You do not have unmanaged diabetes or rheumatological conditions.

Q5. How much does LASIK surgery cost?

At Atlas Eye, we offer all 3 types of laser vision correction and they include ReLEx SMILE, LASIK and Advanced Surface Ablation. Surgery starts from $3,599 for 2 eyes. The type of surgery you for is dependent on the shape of your eyes, corneal thickness and the amount of astigmatism you may have. Surgery fees include 3 post-op reviews and enhancement surgery within 2 years from the date of first surgery.

Q6. What can I expect after the surgery?

After the procedure, your eyes may feel watery and you may experience some discomfort for a couple of hours. This is all part of the healing process and will eventually fade away. You will have functional eyesight the night of surgery or the day after the procedure. You are advised to rest for about a day or 2 and to avoid strenuous activities until your eyes heal. Remember to arrange transport on the day of your surgery as you will not be allowed to drive.