Nuclear sclerotic cataract

Nuclear sclerotic cataract is a type of cataract whereby the cloudiness appears at the central part of the eye’s natural lens. It is also one of the most common types of cataract. The cause of nuclear sclerotic cataract is largely due to ageing. As we age, the lens fibres at the centre part of the lens thicken and become yellow. Vision is usually unaffected in the early stage. However, as the cataract becomes denser, the amount of light entering the eye decreases. This causes functional vision to be affected and colours to appear less rich. In cases where the cataract is left untreated, it may lead to blindness.

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Symptoms of nuclear sclerotic cataract:

  • Gradual blurring of vision
  • Reduced colour contrast
  • Glares and haloes at night
  • Poor night vision, resulting in difficulty in night driving

Nuclear sclerotic cataract is treated with cataract surgery, where the natural lens is removed and replaced with an intraocular lens.

Before proceeding with cataract surgery in Singapore, you need to go through a cataract assessment to assess the severity of the condition. If cataract surgery is recommended, you will need to return another day for a pre-operation test to take measurements of your eyes. This visit will take about 3 hours. As the surgery is done through intravenous sedation, we need to perform an ECG and a blood test to ensure it is safe for you to do so.

Cataract surgery is a 30-minute day surgery performed at the hospital. Surgery for both eyes are performed on separate days to minimise the risk of infection. During the surgery, numbing eyedrops will be instilled into your eyes to minimise discomfort. However, you will still feel pressure, coldness and touches around the eye area during the surgery.


At Atlas Eye Specialist Centre, we provide a cataract assessment which includes an eye prescription test, visual acuity test, eye pressure test, pupil dilation and consultation with the eye surgeon. After the assessment, our doctor will share with you the results and your surgical options if required.

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