Fees (Include GST)
Consultation From $185
Follow-up $109
Extended consultation1 From $245
Medical report2 $327
1Refers to consultation exceeding 15 minutes
2Medical report will be emailed to patient in PDF format.


Refractive surgery Fees (Include GST)
Laser Vision Correction (ReLEx® SMILE, LASIK, PRK)
Advanced Surface Ablation (Wavefront PRK/Epi-LASIK/LASEK/TransPRK) From $3,535*
Wavefront LASIK (bladeless)
Collagen cross-linking (CXL) XTRA (2 eyes) $1,225
*Includes surgery for 2 eyes
Enhancement surgery for 2 years from the date of first surgery
Every post-op review is $109
First set of medication is $137 for Advanced Surface Ablation and $109 for LASIK/ ReLEx® SMILE
Note: We do not provide Standard PRK or Standard LASIK. According to clinical data, Wavefront PRK or Wavefront LASIK (customised treatment) has the potential to reduce the incidence of seeing haloes and starbursts at night, which optimises the surgical outcome.
Implantable contact lens (1 eye) From $3,600
Refractive lens exchange (1 eye) From $6,300
Cataract Fees (Include GST)
Cataract assessment $131
Cataract surgery (1 eye) From $6,300*
*Medisave and insurance claimable
Eye Screenings* Fees (Include GST)
General eye screening $240
Includes visual acuity test, eye pressure test, retinal fundus photo and manifest refraction.
Glaucoma eye screening $436
Includes checking of eye pressure, defects in visual field (side vision) and an analysis of nerves in the eye.
*Valid for first-visit patients only

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

We accept

  • PayNow
  • NETS
  • Major credit cards

Medisave (for local patients)

Cataract surgery, YAG laser and most other eye procedures such as lasers and injections are Medisave claimable.

For surgery or admissions, Medisave claims will be processed by the admitting hospital.

Our eye centre is also Medisave accredited for minor procedures.


We accept all patients, with or without insurance plans. Additionally, we are on the specialist panels of the following Health Networks / Insurance Plans:

insurance for eye treatment If your insurance plan is not listed here, we will gladly call to check your insurance coverage.