Uncover the Myths about LASIK

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Uncover the Myths about LASIK

Despite LASIK having a history of about 30 years, there are still some myths amongst those who are concerned about the procedure. Let’s discuss the some common myths:


Myth #1: LASIK is painful.

Truth: Generally, there will not be any pain sensation on the eye during procedure as your eye doctor will instill anaesthetic eyedrops to numb your eye. The anaesthetic effect will usually last throughout the entire procedure. Therefore, you will feel no pain even after you step out of the operating theatre. However, there might be mild grittiness or stinging sensation which will usually last for the first few hours after the procedure. With ReLEx SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction), it greatly reduces the mild grittiness that may occur after the procedure.

Myth #2: LASIK may cause blindness.

Truth: Though LASIK is performed under high levels of safety, it is still a surgery which involves some low risk. However, the number of blind cases due to Refractive Surgery is still ZERO in Singapore. Therefore, a thorough eye examination followed by doctor’s consultation are important to review all benefits and risks of Refractive Surgery before making a decision.

Myth #3: I will not need any eyeglasses after LASIK.

Truth: Our vision may change with time irregardless of whether one has had Refractive Surgery.  After any form of Refractive Surgery, it is still possible for one to have some dependence on eyeglasses at some point in time. For instance, all of us will develop Presbyopia (“Lao Hua”) from the age of about 40 due to the loss of crystalline lens elasticity.

Myth #4: Laser may burn your eyes.

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Truth: A “cold” laser, excimer, is used during LASIK. “Cold” laser means that it does not burn the corneal cells. However, some patients may experience some burning smell during the procedure. The odour is from the chemical reaction of the laser on the cornea. Some refractive surgery machines have a build-in vacuum device to remove the odour.


Myth #5: There are permanent side effects from LASIK.

Truth: LASIK is still considered a surgery, and with every surgery there are risks involved. One common side effect after LASIK is dry eye, and they usually lessen with time. However, in a small number of patients, it can become permanent, though rare. Dry eye can be overcome with the use of lubricating eyedrops.