Refractive Surgery

Be free of your spectacles & contact lenses

Gain your freedom from the inconvenience of wearing spectacles and contact lenses in your daily life – imagine not having to lug around your spectacles and contact lens cleaning kits; to constantly replace your broken or misplaced glasses; to have recurring expenditure maintaining your supply of disposable lenses and cleaning solutions; and most importantly not getting eye infections due to overwearing contact lenses and using contaminated lens cases and solutions.

There are various surgical procedures to give you independence from your spectacles and contact lenses. Common refractive errors such as myopia (short-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness) and astigmatism are easily corrected by today’s refractive surgery procedures. The suitability of each treatment option will differ from patient to patient, depending on factors like your age and lifestyle. At Atlas Eye Specialist Centre, we provide 3 main types of refractive surgery options for patients across all ages:

  1. Laser vision correction (ReLEx® SMILE, LASIK or PRK) >
  2. Implantable contact lens >
  3. Refractive lens exchange >

lasik surgery