Is Laser Vision Correction For Me?

If your eye prescription has been stable for the past 12 months, and if you have good general health and are free of any eye disease, you are likely suitable for any one of the 3 types of Laser Vision Correction (ReLEx® SMILE, LASIK, PRK).

Most people are suitable for ReLEx® SMILE or LASIK, but if you have thinner corneas or low prescription, PRK may be recommended.

If you have both thin corneas and a moderate to high refractive error, an Implantable Contact Lens procedure can be performed. If you have a high level of hyperopia or presbyobia, Refractive Lens Exchange or ‘Clear Lens Extraction’ may be a better option. Another procedure for presbyopia that you can consider is monovision laser vision correction.

Please note that pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are not suitable for laser vision correction because the hormonal changes they are undergoing may cause changes to their prescription. Breastfeeding mothers will need to cease nursing for at least 3 months before considering laser vision correction.

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