How to care for your contact lenses properly

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caring for contact lenses

The invention of contact lenses is ingenious and provides an excellent alternative to spectacles. Contact lenses provide convenience during sports and activities, they do not leave marks on our noses and will not fog up. Therefore, it is important to understand the importance of proper lens care regimen to enjoy the benefits of contact lenses with minimal risk.

In this article, we will share with you some tips on proper contact lenses care and hygiene.


Do not wear your contacts lenses longer than the recommended duration and replacement schedule.

  • Daily disposable lenses – Replace 1 day upon opening lenses
  • Biweekly disposable lenses – Replace 14 days upon opening lenses
  • Monthly disposable lenses – Replace 30 days upon opening lenses

Don't wear contact lenses under water

Do not swim with your lenses on as there are many bacteria in the water that could get stuck on your lenses and they are not removable by the multi-purpose solution which you use to clean your lenses.

Do not sleep with your lenses on. That will cause extreme dryness in your eye and you may wake up with your lenses “stuck” on your eyes.

Do keep your contact lens wear to a maximum of 8 – 10 hours a day and maximum 6 times a week.  Let your eyes have a day’s rest.

Do get your eyes checked by an optometrist to determine which type of contact lens suits you and that your eyes are heathy and prescription updated.

don't cut fingernails

Do keep your fingernails short to avoid scratching your eyes or damaging your lenses.

Do put in your contact lenses on before applying makeup to prevent accidentally getting any makeup on your lenses. It is also easier to apply makeup with clear vision.

Use teardrop solution

Do use preservative-free tear drops if your eyes feel dry or uncomfortable. Otherwise, remove the lenses and consult an optometrist for advice.

cleaning contact lenses using solutions

Do perform the 3 basic steps of ‘Clean, Rinse and Disinfect’ if you are not wearing daily disposable contact lenses.

Clean: Upon removal of your lens, drop a few drops of multi-purpose solution (MPS) and rub it thoroughly for 20 seconds. It is important to rub it even if your MPS is a ‘no-rub’ product as rubbing can help to loosen debris on your contact lenses.

Rinse: Rinse it with sterile MPS or saline.

Disinfect: Place your lens into clean lens case and fill with fresh MPS. Soak for the recommended hours as stated on the MPS bottle to allow a complete disinfection. Always replace your MPS and never re-use them.



Note: Before you remove your lenses, you should wash your hands with soap to avoid transferring dirt and germs to your eye. Dry your hands on a lint-free towel. Never let tap water come into contact with your lenses. Only use sterile solutions which are widely available in optical shops and pharmacies.

If you find the following steps too tedious to follow, it is a good idea to speak to your optometrist to switch to daily replacement lenses for less hassle.


In any case, if you’re uncomfortable with contact lens, you can consider getting laser vision correction (ReLEx®SMILE / LASIK / PRK /Epi-LASIK) done.


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