How to treat Astigmatism?

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Unfortunately, there is no known way to prevent astigmatism, however correction can be done with glasses, contact lenses, or laser eye surgery. Some doctors, however, believe that very small amounts of astigmatism are best left untreated.

Glasses: Patients with significant astigmatism usually adjust to their first pair of glasses within a week or so. If they can’t get used to it, specially designed contact lenses can also correct astigmatism.

Contact Lens: The soft lenses used for astigmatism are known as “toric” lenses but there’s also the rigid (hard) gas permeable contact lenses. The hard lenses are especially helpful in the correction of larger amounts of astigmatism.

We provide 3 types of laser vision correction: ReLEx SMILE, LASIK and Advanced Surface Ablation. The cost of surgery ranges from $3,599 to $5,299. As the procedure is considered an elective/optional treatment by choice to replace glasses, it is rarely covered by health insurance.