What activities to avoid after Implantable Contact Lens eye surgery? 

Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) is a surgical procedure where a contact lens is positioned permanently in the eye between the iris and the natural lens. The ICL is made from collamer, which is bio-compatible with the human eye.

ICL is a painless procedure that takes about 30 minutes for 2 eyes. Numbing eyedrops are used during the surgery to provide comfort. The eye surgeon creates a small 2 to 3mm incision at the edge of the cornea to insert the ICL. No sutures are required to close the incision as it will heal naturally. The procedure is reversible and in rare circumstances, the implant can be removed if any major changes to vision is found.

Benefits of ICL include correction of moderate to high refractive errors up to -18.00 of short-sightedness, +10.00 of long-sightedness and -6.00 of astigmatism. The structural integrity of the eye is better preserved as no cornea tissue is removed. Incidence of dry eye is lowered as corneal nerves are not disrupted in any way during the placement of the ICL. Haloes and glares are less visible compared to laser vision correction (LASIK, ReLEx SMILE), especially those with higher refractive errors.

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After surgery

Vision will improve gradually over the next few days. Do follow the medication instructions strictly and attend scheduled post-op reviews to minimise the risk of infection and to ensure a smooth recovery.

Things to avoid:

Avoid alcohol for the first 24 hours as it can compromise the body immune system leading to a higher chance of infection.

For the first week, avoid smoky and dusty environment, similarly for cooking as dust and fumes can cause eye irritation.

For the first week, avoid wearing any eye or face makeup. Replacing old makeup is recommended as they can be loaded with various bacteria which can cause itchy eye, prompting the urge to rub your eyes thus leading to an infection after.

Do not engage in any water sports, hot tub, jacuzzi and sauna for the first month as bacteria in water can cause infection and in rare circumstances, cause permanent vision loss.

Do not do contact sports or lift heavy objects as this can cause undue pressure to your eyes.


For a fast and smooth recovery

👍 Be compliant with prescribed medicated eyedrops.

👍  Contact the eye centre or eye surgeon immediately if you experience worsening of vision, redness, swelling or pain.

👍 Do not drive or operate any heavy machinery for the first 24 hours.

👍 Get as much rest as possible, reducing electronic devices time for the first week.

👍 Stay indoors the first week. If you are unable to do so, equip yourself with a pair of sunglasses with 100% UV protection to protect the eye from UV, and also avoid smoky and dusty places.

👍 For the first week, when washing hair, do ensure minimal water gets into the eye. Similarly, when washing the face, use a clean towel to clean the face area instead of splashing water on the face.

👍 Use a headband to soak up the sweat after the first week while doing light exercises.

👍 Attend scheduled post-op reviews and yearly reviews.

At Atlas Eye Specialist Centre, we offer ICL surgery in addition to laser vision correction (PRK, LASIK, ReLEx SMILE) to correct the vision.

In Singapore, the surgery fee for ICL surgery ranges from $9,000 to $15,000. The difference in cost can be attributed to:

  • The experience of your surgeon – senior and experienced surgeons command higher fees
  • The type of hospital and the facility chosen
  • The type of ICL chosen
  • The number and type of pre and post- surgery eye tests

As refractive errors (short-sightedness, long-sightedness, astigmatism) are not considered eye diseases, you are unlikely able to claim to claim insurance and Medisave for the procedure.
To schedule an ICL assessment, please contact us at + 65 6737 9119 or atlaseye@atlaseye.sg.

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